July 23rd, 2019

That was exactly the day I wandered into a event in VR about meditation and mindfulness. Right before that, I was checking to see what was up. Which future event had a lot of interest, and which ones were ongoing. While searching, I saw an EvolVR mindfulness meditation event listed. Noticing the thumbnail and reading the description, it grabbed my attention. I had watched a video with EvolVR showcased a few weeks prior, and after I remembered that, I knew that I should get an “in-person” experience of EvolVR.

Inside the space, there were a variety of…

Hi. I’m Jared. I’m 15. For most of my childhood, I’ve been excessively bullied. It’s something quite diffucult for me to tell, as it’s something I just, most of the time, don’t want to talk about it. But throughout my years, I finally found a way to manage not to concentrate on the past, but first I want to share about my past as best as I can.

During my elementary school years…. it was the worst. Bullying was the main reason why I often chose not to go to school. Those experiences often prevented me from wanting to live…

Jared Ortiz

A “Jeditator” in Texas living by the teachings of Christ and the Buddha.

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